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We are planning to expand this area with some new games this year, but just at the moment we have our own games for sale...

The Kevingston "Delivery" Games:

Board, Cards, 3 dice, 16 playing pieces, rules, etc.

7.50 + P&P

14.50 + P&P

SPECIAL DELIVERY is a light-hearted strategy game, a team race between rival delivery companies for 2 to 9 players (best with 4 to 8), and around an hour to play.

Anyone over the age of 7 can play it succesfully.

The game suits both the occasional player and provides a light hour for the more serious gamer. It works particularly well with a mixture of gamers and non-gamers, but you don't have to take my word for it as both John Harrington reviewed Special Delivery for TTYF, and Paul Ibbs reviewed it for Boarderlines. You'll also find it on the Games Cabinet.

Players play in teams and use either motorbikes or vans to collect and deliver parcels. The board is a road map with towns and villages are named after real English towns and villages: Great Frenchbeer, Barton-in-the-Beans, Matching Tye etc.

The aim is for your team to collect and deliver a predefined number of parcels before the opposing teams do. Frustrating your deliveries are a number of blockages which can be moved when you've made a delivery.

The two types of vehicle, Vans and Motorbikes, have different balances of speed verses capacity. The different blockage types affect vehicles differently, e.g. the Motorbike may sail past roadworks whilst the van gets caught in the queue.

The team playing element means that no one faction gets too stuck as players can be helped out by their team mates. The game balances very well especially with three teams as the losers tend to block the winner, but often the blocking strategy backfires.

Intended as a light game filling about an hour, the game flows intuitively and rulebook references are rare.

RAPID DELIVERY is the same game but a 2nd edition full colour artwork!

This edition was published by The London Game Co. under licence. It has real car and 'bike dobbers, a different card balance, some of the village names changed - and the dice are a terrible colour but that wasn't my doing!


Special Delivery - Next Day

This is a diceless variant of the rules. It plays with the original game, and the rules are available on this site.

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