Kevingston Boardgames. Cambridge, England

Contact Details and How to Order

Kevingston Games
81 Shelford Road

01223 841759 (this is a new number)

The office is staffed at random times, such is the way with specialist micro-businesses, but there is an answerphone. Email is the most effective means of getting in contact. There is no fax.

Please, please note we are a small specialist outfit and, as much as we'd like to, we cannot help you with Monopoly, Nintendo, Pokemon, nor Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Try 'Smiths.

We would love to, but cannot, make buckets of money with your new game.

Nor can we provide any useful manufacturing data for school projects on how to make toys (which we don't).

UK orders:

Please send a cheque payable to Kevingston Games to the above address.

The prices are:

Special Delivery 7.50 + P&P (RRP 17.50)
Rapid Delivery 14.50 + P&P (RRP 22.50)

Postage & Packaging.

We charge 4 for P+P for the first game, then 2 per subsequent game. This doesn't cover costs but is as much as I can bring myself to charge.

Prices including postage 1 game 2 games 3 games
Special Delivery 11.50 21.00 30.50
Rapid Delivery 18.50 35.00 51.50

Games may be returned in their original condition for an immediate no-quibble refund of the purchase price. Games are usually dispatched within 3 days of receipt of order, however, you should allow 14 days for delivery. Customer details may be held on computer, but will not be used by anyone other than Kevingston Games. Some copies of Special Delivery include a 5 voucher for 'Games and Puzzles' magazine which has ceased publication, thus the voucher is invalid.

We cannot take credit card orders directly but we can accept paypal - please contact us to arrange. We used to offer shipment before payment but we've have had too many non-payers which we don't have the resources to chase up, so reluctantly we ask for a cheque with order please. Orders still not enclosing payment may be fulfilled at our discretion but may attract an administration charge. All sales are subject to available stock. The Special Delivery's are "limited edition" but not numbered. (Some people like them signed by the inventor - if this appeals, let me know).

Thank you for your order.


Overseas Orders:

We do not ship overseas because currency differences and shipping costs make it horrendously expensive for one-off's.


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