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Conventions and other events

These are generally board game conventions where the lighter strategy boardgames are played as well as the heavyweights of Diplomacy and 18xx. Some events also include some Role-playing games.

If a precise date isn't given, the information relates to previous years' event(s) so follow the links to check the details for this year.

*** January

*** February

OxCon, Oxford.

A one day Diplomacy, Siedler, and general gaming convention at Keble college, Oxford.

*** March

Unicorn Games Session, Trumpington, Cambridge.

Afternoon and evening games session at the Unicorn pub in Trumpington. Organised by ourselves but simply a social get-together for a number of Cambridge gaming groups, rather than a formal convention as such. Primarily "German" style boardgames. 2:30pm to Closing Time. 2.

*** April

*** May

Beer & Pretzels, Burton on Trent

Beer & Pretzels weekend caters for all types of non-electronic games. For more information contact Spirit Games

*** June

*** July

Manorcon, Birmingham.

A large weekend boardgames convention (250 people) held in a University Hall of Residence, readily accessible by public transport. Centred on Diplomacy the convention also runs tournaments for United, Croquet, 18xx, Acquire, Outpost, Railway Rivals, and possibly others.

Board Games Day, Cambridge

A day of Board Games (of which "Settlers" is typical) at Arbury Road Baptist Church (Milton Rd end of Arbury Rd, Cambridge). Profits given to the church. There is a (small) car park outside the church, and a good fish and chip shop and a chinese takeaway one minute's walk away. This event is a no alcohol and no smoking event, but tea and coffee will be available. For more information contact Andy Merritt.

*** August

FurryCon South, Stakis Bedford Hotel, Brighton.

A general games convention with a few tournaments. Approx 20, plus 60 per single room per night. Details from the SFCP website.

*** September

*** October

*** November

MidCon, The Thistle Hotel (aka the Angus), Birmingham.

A games convention in a comfortable hotel centred around the national Diplomacy championship but with most playing general board games informally. Details from the SFCP website.

This is one of my favourite con's, partly because it was the first one I went to and discovered 'German games' at, but also it's friendly and reasonably comfortable. The proximity of playing areas, bar and food is good, and the looks on the faces of 'real people' coming in for Sunday lunch is positively entertaining :)

*** December

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