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  Kevingston Plain, simple objects of quality prized by the few that acquire them.

Kevingston Games design games and sell games from smaller publishers often disregarded by mass-market buyers. Games where the gameplay is valued per se, not just the profit margin. This site also aims to encourage the playing of all good boardgames regardless of manufacturer.



Boardgame n. enthusic A scenario simulation providing an interactive group activity, exercising social, observational, numerate and planning skills in a friendly low risk environment. Excludes trivia and quiz games. Reviews

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  Boardgame n. depressive Brightly decorated box sold at Christmas to give to someone else as a sign of something-or-other. Includes trivia and quiz games.  
  Blue Peter n. optimistic. Object created from cereal packaging and sticky tape, usually accompanied by a letter beginning with the phrase "I've invented this game..."  
  Qules Boardgame rules, distilled down to the bare minimum to provide a memory jogger when starting a game you are basically familiar with, but need reminding of certain parameters and features.  
  Con abbr. Convention (or related event) where players of a wide variety get together to play games, because it's fun. Often suffixed to another word loosely describing the location or tenor of the convention in question. e.g "DobberCon".  
  Rolph, Kevin. fortnmumble. Editor of this site and occasional game designer.  
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